4 Tips for Handling Life Changes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Has the COVID-19 pandemic turned your life upside down? The last year has not been easy for anyone, and the uncertainty may have taken a toll on your mental health. It can be tough to deal with so many life changes at once, especially the changes you didn’t choose for yourself. And even as life begins feeling “normal” again, you may still find yourself missing the past. However, with the right attitude, you’ll see that better days are just around the corner. Here’s how to find the positives in a few life changes you may have experienced because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Finding a New Career Path

Because of the economic slowdown caused by the pandemic, you may be unemployed or furloughed right now. Perhaps you’ve been wondering whether you want to go back to the same line of work. When it comes to choosing your new career, USA Today recommends considering your long-term goals, professional strengths, and personal values. Taking a chance on a new career path is intimidating, but when you’re working at a job that doesn’t ignite your passion, your mental health suffers, so think about careers that truly align with your vision for your life.

As you take stock of your goals, you may come to realize that in order to switch careers you’ll need to enhance your skills through a degree or certification. At first glance, this can seem impossible. However, through flexible online learning programs that offer affordable tuition rates and even scholarships, you can pave the way toward a career boost on your own terms. Whether it’s for a degree in business, nursing, teaching, accounting, you name it, there is an education opportunity waiting for you.

Prioritizing Your Mental Health

Whether you’re stressed out about job loss, your health, or constant exposure to negative news coverage, you may feel like you’re struggling with your mental health right now. This is a completely understandable reaction to our current circumstances.

In the meantime, what can you do to prioritize your mental health and process your complicated emotions? Try writing in a journal when you need to vent, and if you have more free time than usual, you could spend it doing yoga or meditating.

Investing in a New Fitness Approach and Routine

The sudden changes that came with the pandemic, like losing a job, a lack of social interaction and more time spent at home, left a lot of people feeling unmotivated to move. Unfortunately, giving in to inertia feeds the blues, and over time, it takes more of a toll on our overall well-being

One of the very best ways to boost your mental health is through a regular exercise routine. Physical movement has a significant impact on mental health, and has been shown to ward off depression, lower anxiety, and even improve your energy. The beauty of upping your physical activity is that your body will begin to crave it, enough that you’ll want to move all the time! And it’s easy to get started. With online fitness coaching programs through Drip by Sam, you can enjoy workouts on your own time, and you can even take it further through the DBS app.

Planting a Garden

Want to start a new hobby that will benefit both your mental and physical health? Consider planting a garden. Whether you have room for a large garden plot in your backyard or you just have a little space in your windowsill, you can grow delicious herbs, vegetables, and fruits while getting in touch with nature. You may have to deal with a learning curve as you discover how to tend to different types of plants, and occasionally, you may plant some seeds that don’t sprout. But gardening will teach you valuable new life skills and put a smile on your face during rough days!

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all of us in unexpected ways. In the face of uncertainty, it’s easy to feel like your life isn’t totally under your control. But if you give yourself plenty of time and space to focus on your mental health, you’ll be able to look back at this year and feel proud of yourself for how much you’ve grown.

Article by Jennifer Scott

Photo via Pexels

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