This program is designed to help you grow your fitness while also growing your baby! This program not only includes 7 workouts a week but also an entire add-on feature with modifications to exercises one may need to make. You will also be placed in a specialized mobility group as well and a group chat with other moms completing the program so you can talk to each other and trade tricks and tips.

All workouts are set for 15-20 minutes with the option to go through the workout 2-3 more times or be done after one. This program is set to be adaptable to better cater to you.

There are three phases; first phase is less intense to accommadate for first trimester fatigue, the second phase is a bit more challenging, and the third phase will begin to restrict certain movements to better complete workouts during that last trimester. 

All phases will have a strong emphasis on strengthening core and pelvic floor muscles.

If you have any health related questions please always refer to your doctor.

Good Luck and get your Drip on!

Drip for Two - Bodyweight

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Drip for Two: BW
$79.99monthly/ auto-renew
  • We ask you to speak to your doctor before starting this program to make sure you are cleared to exercise.